How To Combat Fluid Retention Using Cucumber

The foods we eat can have a great impact on the way our body holds water, and when we consume foods with many properties that can cause swelling and discomfort, we may notice that we feel slow, overwhelmed and perhaps a little insecure. Therefore, it is important to consume foods that reduce water retention and make us feel tight, safe and comfortable.

Fluid retention can add several pounds of fluid weight to your body.

Unlike fat, however, this weight is temporary, because the body can expel excess water through urine . However, there is a vegetable that can perfectly help to combat this common problem and you can get it at any store.

Cucumbers are one of the most appreciated vegetables for their unique flavor, as well as for their high content of water and nutrients that benefit the whole body. For years they have been added to salads and smoothies, especially as a refreshing and refreshing snack for the hot summer days. But apart from being ideal for hydration it also serves to combat fluid retention.

Use cucumber to get rid of the accumulation of liquids inside the body
Fluid retention is a problem that directly influences the gain or loss of weight and is related to other inflammatory disorders. Cucumber, being a source of water and nutrients, has a diuretic effect that improves your body’s ability to manage your fluid levels.

Ingesting cucumber directly or through a drink will have the same diuretic effect, adding it to salads can obtain these benefits while feeding in the most nutritious and balanced way possible. Likewise, many people prefer to drink a concoction made with cucumber to alleviate fluid retention ; It is not difficult to prepare because you only need the following ingredients and follow these simple steps:

Preparing the drink that will alleviate your retention problems

-1 whole cucumber
-1 liter and a half of water
-Half lemon
-Five grams of chia seeds

You will need a whole cucumber which you will have to peel and cut into several small pieces , then proceed to place it in the blender together with a liter and a half of water, the juice of half a lemon and five grams of chia seeds. Let beat well for several minutes until a completely homogeneous mixture, let stand for a few minutes and then take it.

If you wish you can add some ice cubes to the blender to create a meringue, drinking this drink every day will make you expel excess fluids in the urine alleviating all your discomforts related to this condition.

Another curious fact about cucumber is that it helps strengthen the bones, especially when we are advancing in age and we need an extra dose of calcium.

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