Let’s be real. When 5 p.m. rolls around, the last thing you want to do is brave the supermarket and start cooking dinner from scratch. And yet, every evening, you find yourself in a mob of hangry individuals racing to the poultry line, or you’re by yourself staring at anRead More →

From time to time I make media appearances or participate in photo shoots and have to really look my best. To ready myself for these jobs I do a Detox Diet Week. I do this to reduce bloat, trim a few pounds, clear up my skin and ensure my long hairRead More →

We all have a bit of unwanted fat that we would like to eliminate, about when the holidays are approaching because we want to show off a slender and well-formed body. Everyone who has tried to get in shape knows that the fat around the stomach and the thighs isRead More →

The foods we eat can have a great impact on the way our body holds water, and when we consume foods with many properties that can cause swelling and discomfort, we may notice that we feel slow, overwhelmed and perhaps a little insecure. Therefore, it is important to consume foodsRead More →

The cucumber is a vegetable that provides numerous health benefits and it even possesses healing properties. It belongs to the same family as zucchini, watermelon and pumpkin. Cucumbers contain lots of water but are also loaded with various beneficial nutrients that can improve your health in many ways. Here areRead More →